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Engineering Workbench from IHS Markit

Despite the applicability of fancy 3D modeling and simulation to mechanical engineering, working with documents and spreadsheets is often just as important. It’s researching the properties of new materials. It’s finding, reusing and merging existing standards into a specification. It’s managing hundreds of requirements in a new project.

That conjecture always rang true to me. Yet, it wasn’t until I conducted the Hardware Design Engineer study that I found some statistical proof that backed it up. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of design decision makers use CAD applications very frequently and very consistently. Only ten percent (10%) use simulation at the same frequency and consistency. Yet, fifty-three percent (53%) use documents and spreadsheets at the same rates. Knowledge, often captured as text and numbers, is just as important as the form and fit of designs.

Finding information in documents, spreadsheets, standards, patents, journals, articles, and enterprise systems like ERP and PLM can be tremendously painful and time-consuming. Today’s engineers are on extremely tight schedules, often making up time by staying late and working weekends. Improving their capacity to find, consume and reuse information promises great potential.

So it’s in that context that we’ll focus on a solution from IHS Markit in this post. Engineering Workbench is an unusual mix of search tool and knowledge management solution. First, we’ll dive into the capabilities it provides, Second, I’ll offer some commentary and analysis. Ready? Let’s dive in.

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