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3D CAD Model Gears and Bushings

The Upstarts of the 2014 CAD Landscape

The landscape of CAD application providers, like many tech areas today, is prone to big changes. This is the third in a series of posts where I’ll be providing my perspective on the state of things with respect to CAD. Strap in and read on. So far, we’ve looked at the Stalwart and Interloper CAD

A 3D x-ray CAD model of a car

A Look at Kubotek’s KeyCreator Analysis and SEFEA Technology

It’s always nice to get a little love. For a long time, it seems as if experts at using software like simulation analysts and CAD designers were getting all the attention. But in the last few years, software providers are increasingly paying attention to the casual user. There are new concept design tools for engineers,

Kubotek’s ECO Manager: A Usable Difference Report?

Kubotek does CAD stuff, right? Walking into the Kubotek offices out in Marlborough MA, that certainly was my impression. But some two hours later, I left with a different one. Don’t get me wrong. They’re not launching a PLM product or anything. But their ECO Manager is far more oriented towards processes and procedures than