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A Single Source of the Truth for the BOM Still Doesn’t Exist

It is crazy how time flies. Blink and 2015 is gone. I guess that’s what happens when you get busy. I hope that 2016 decides to pass by a little more slowly. But I don’t think I’ll have much luck with that. Regardless, I have a topic that I’ve wanted to touch upon for quite

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Update on SPLM Strategy for Engineering Solutions

It is that time again! Every year, in the fall, Siemens PLM holds an analyst event where they provide an update on their perspective on the industry, their overall strategy and updates for their products. This year, it was the week of September 7th. This post provides an update on Siemens PLM‘s strategy for engineering


Measuring The Impact of Failed Prototypes on Release Dates

Last week, I published some scary statistics for product development in a post titled Product Development’s Grade? An Epic Fail. In the findings of that post, we found that only 13% of all product development projects are launched on time without a major shift in resources. The other 87%? Those projects were either cancelled, missed their launch

Technology / Concept / Workflow or Flow Chart

Autodesk Adds Data Management to PLM360

In the landscape of PLM solutions, Autodesk’s PLM360 seemed like the rebel. Since its inception, PLM360 has focused on providing capabilities to enable and manage processes, not product data. But in mid September, Autodesk expanded the capabilities of the system to cover one of the most basic sets of PLM functionality: data management. However, they